About Us

Costello Rural are real estate and livestock agents based in Corryong, in the Upper Murray region of North East Victoria. Costello Rural is a family owned and operated business which continues to maintain the values of honesty and professionalism.


Rural Property Sales

Costello Rural markets all types of rural properties throughout the Upper Murray Region of North East Victoria. Our expertise includes dairy farms, grazing properties, mixed farming, hobby farms and bushland. We are experienced in the promotion of a wide variety of properties and can advise on the most appropriate method of sale. We offer a broad choice of properties suitable for lifestyle, weekenders and retirement throughout the Upper Murray. Costello Rural is also a licensed Estate Agent in the state of New South Wales.


Residential Property Sales

Costello Rural is the market leader in the sale of residential, commercial and industrial land in the township of Corryong and surrounding towns. Costello Rural's residential sales office is prominently located in Hanson Street Corryong. Corryong has a population of approximately 1500 people and is approximately 120km north-east of Wodonga. The town has a strong base of industry and employment and the beautiful valleys and National Parks receive thousands of visitors every year. The residential and commercial real estate markets in the town are healthy and Corryong is popular with retirees and young families alike. Costello Rural has a team of professional and competent salespeople who know the local market and are trained to provide prompt and courteous service.


Property Management

Costello Rural has a trained property manager who professionally manages residential and rural properties. The company provides a full management service to protect and maximise clients' returns from investment properties.


Rural Land Leasing

Costello Rural also manages the leasing of farmland for grazing purposes. We offer a full service including leasing the property and ongoing management of the tenancy.


Clearing Sales

Costello Rural regularly conducts on-property auction clearing sales of farm machinery, household effects and antiques.



Costello Rural facilitates the agistment of stock.



Costello Rural is a member of:

The Team


Graham Costello

Director Livestock Manager

0409 191 072


Justin Costello

Real Estate Manager

0419 007 925


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