Annual Costello Rural Christmas Cattle Store Sale 2016

Friday 9th December 2016 1PM Corryong Municipal Sale Yards


Another Excellent Sale Result

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A/C        H C Auchinleck       “Baringa”       TOWONG                                             

                                90 Angus Steers 8-9 months, Pre-Vacc Gold, weaned, excellent quality Banquet & Ardrossan blood

A/C        Wabba House       CUDGEWA            

                        80 Angus Steers 9-10 months,Pre-Vacc Gold, weaned, Raff & Merridale blood

A/C        P & F Land       “Llandarlo”       CUDGEWA            

                                30 Angus Steers 8-9 months, Pre-Vacc Gold, weaned, good quality, Llandarlo blood

A/C        T Lebner & S Permezel       TOWONG             

                                17 Angus Steers 7-9 months, excellent quality Ardrossan & Alpine Angus blood

A/C        B & T Whitsed       NARIEL 

                                30 Angus Steers 14-15 months, Pre-Vacc Gold, Merridale & Llandarlo blood, well grown

A/C        K Wilson       TOWONG             

                                50 Angus Steers 12-14 months, Pre-Vacc Gold, weaned, Paringa blood, well grown

A/C        Wabba Gap Pty Ltd       “Balmoral”       TINTALDRA

                                16 Angus Steers 14-16 months, Pre-Vacc Gold Raff & Merridale blood

                                20 Angus & Black Baldy Steers 8-9 months, Pre-Vacc Gold, fresh condition, Llandarlo blood

A/C        J H Nankervis & Co       COLAC COLAC                                      

                                100 Hereford Steers 7-8 months, top quality high country steers, Rotherfield & Sugarloaf blood

                         20 Black Baldy Steers 7-8 months

A/C        J Carmody       NARIEL

                                15 Hereford Steers 15 months, Caromdale blood, well grown steers

A/C        Rainbow Filters       CUDGEWA            

                                20 Shorthorn Hereford X Steers 8-10 months, Pre-Vacc Gold

                                15 Shorthorn Hereford X Heifers 8-10 months, Pre-Vacc Gold

A/C        AJ & MJA Jarvis       “Ashstead Park”       CUDGEWA                                            

                                20 Simmental Angus X Steers 10 months, Pre-Vacc Gold, ideal MSA cattle

                                20 Simmental Hereford X Steers 10 months, good quality, Pre-Vacc Gold

A/C        P & G Sutherland       THOLOGOLONG  

                                14 Murray Grey Steers 14-16 months, well grown, Pre-Vacc Gold, good bone in forward condition

                                12 Murray Grey Heifers 14-16 months, sisters of the above, Pre-Vacc Gold

                                2 Murray Grey Bulls 20 & 16 months Fully Loaded blood

A/C        N & M Clydsdale       “Sunny Bank”       TINTALDRA                                         

                                100 Murray Grey Steers 12-14 months, Pre-Vacc Gold, good quality & condition

                                85 Murray Grey Heifers 12-14 months, sisters of above, Pre-Vacc Gold, ideal feeders

A/C        M Vogel       “Alcharinga”       CUDGEWA                                            

                                 8 Murray Grey Steers 12-14 months, Pre-Vacc Gold

                        10 Murray Grey Heifers 12-14 months, sisters of above, Pre-Vacc Gold

A/C        C Sharkey       "Rowan Hills"       TALMALMO

                                6 Murray Grey Cows mixed ages & calves at foot 2-3 months

A/C        C & V Low       CORRYONG         

                                10 Charolais Steers 14-16 months, very quiet, Pre-Vacc Gold

                                10 Charolais Heifers 14-16 months, excellent vealer mothers, Pre-Vacc Gold

                                6 Charolais Angus X Heifer 6-9 months, Pre-Vacc Gold


A/C        Hillgrove Star Pastoral Co       “Hillgrove”       CUDGEWA

                                15 Angus Heifers 14-16 months


A/C        K Wilson       TOWONG             

                                12 Angus Cows 5-6 years & Calves 2-3 months, running with bull


A/C        Murra Angus       GUYS FOREST

                                22 Angus Cows & Calves at foot, cows 3-5 years, Raff blood, running with Raff blood bull,

                                Sappy calves 1-2 months 2x 5in1 & pilliguard vaccinated

                                16 Angus Heifers 20 months, Raff blood, PTIC, calve in April-May to Raff Bulls, excellent quality

A/C        SM McKimmie       CORRYONG

                                30 Angus Cows & Calves at foot, 27-28 months, Waverly Park Angus blood, excellent lines of

                                future breeders, calves 3-4 months, re-joined to angus bulls 1st October to 1st December

A/C        C & V Low       CORRYONG

                         10 Angus Friesian X Cows & Calves at foot, cows are 2nd calvers, ideal vealer mothers, running with

                                 French Charolais bull from 15th October, sappy Charolais calves 4-6 weeks 

A/C        K L P & T Sheather       "Hunters Plain"       CORRYONG             

                                30 Angus Friesian X Heifers 14-18 months, well grown, attractive lines of future vealer mothers

A/C        Rainbow Filters       CUDGEWA            

                                 8 Shorthorn Cows 2nd calvers, strawberry roan, PTIC to white Shorthorn bull, to calve in Autumn

                                 10 Shorthorn Hereford X Cows 2nd calvers, PTIC to white Shorthorn bull, to calve in Autumn

A/C        D & M Colbert       INDI

                                5 Angus & Charolais Friesian X Heifers 20 months, to calve in March

                                2 Angus Friesian X Heifers unjoined

                                8 Friesian Steers 15 months

A/C        R Wood       BERRINGAMA

                                18 Friesian Steers 12-16 months, fresh condition, Noromectin Plus drenched & 7in1 vaccinated

A/C        B & C Halliday       NARIEL 

                                10 Friesian & Friesian X Steers 3-6 months

A/C        HILLCO       CUDGEWA

                        6 Friesian Steers 8-9 months

                                5 Friesian Angus X Heifers 18-19 months, PTIC to calve around 15th March

A/C        L & B Williams       CUDGEWA

                                3 Angus Friesian X Mixed sex 3-4 months

A/C        JA & EM Brown       COLAC COLAC

                                6 Hereford & Angus Dairy X Steers 5-6 months, Pre-Vacc Gold

                        3 Hereford & Angus Friesian X Heifers 15-18 months

A/C        Challambi Charolais       GREG GREG

                                2 Charolais Bulls 17 months, polled, breed plans available, semen tested, 5in1 & vibriosis vaccinated, one by

                                Sire Leachman White Gold & Dam by Rangan Park & one by Sire Rangan Park & Dam Glenlea Nolana 29th,


A/C        JS & LA Paton       CORRYONG

                       2 Limousin Bulls, grass reared, guaranteed quiet, Tanholm blood, one black, horned, 20 months & one apricot, polled, 19 months

A/C        K Weir       KOETONG

                       4 Angus Steers 10-11 months

A/C         SL Roberts       LUCYVALE

                              3 Angus Steers 12-14 months

                              3 Angus Heifers 12 months

A/C         PD & D Laverty       BERRINGAMA

                              5 Angus Steers 12-14 months

                              6 Angus Heifers 12 months