Christmas Store Cattle Sale Corryong Friday 8th December 2017

Corryong Special Store Cattle Sale 2017

Strong demand from fatteners & graziers forced cattle prices above expectations. Buyers from Moree, Cobram, Tallangatta, Wodonga and local graziers bided heavily on 1000 locally bred yarding. From the outset the Moree buyer set the pace & bided freely on all aged lines of steers. Cattle were well presented and a credit to the breeders on their presentation.

A/C K Wilson Steers 1500, 1495, 1330, 1295

A/C Wood & Wolfson 1450, 1305

A/C B&T Whitsed 1420, 1100

A/C C Miller 1440, 1210

A/C Wabba House 1435, 1320, 1120

A/C HC Auchinleck 1235, 1170, 1110, 1090, 1055

A/C MW Jarvis 1300

A/C T Lebner & S Permezel 1180

A/C AJ & MJA Jarvis 1300

A/C Wabba Gap 1070, 1040

A/C J Carmody 1150

A/C JH Nankervis Black Baldys 1095 Herefords 1150, 1125, 908

A/C K Healy & W McClinchie 1080, 825, 830, 830

A/C P&G Sutherland Murray Greys 1205, 1155

A/C NC&MR Clydsdale Murray Greys 1150, 1040, 810 Heifers 750, 690

A/C R Pucconi Friesians 1255

A/C R Wood 710, 670, 600

A/C Halliday 830, 770, 605, 470

A/C RJ&JR Rixon 705, 600

In the female section competition was buoyant and buyers bidded freely.

A/C Rombin Hill cows & calves 1625, 1550

A/C A Klippel 1780

In the springing section cows and heifers met with strong demand.

A/C NT&SM Nugent 32 angus cows on second calf made 1850

A/C Ross Jarvis 17 angus heifers 1710


A/C JS Paton & Son 2 Limousin bulls 3500

A/C P&G Sutherland 2 Murray Grey bulls 3500

Costello Rural thank the vendors for supplying the cattle and the purchasers for their willingness to bid and purchase cattle from an excellent yarding. Merry Christmas.





Vendor Cattle Pictures



A/C MW Wood & KT Wolfson




A/C B & T Whitsed





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